Almost a being without boundaries, spared and more purely inner, very strangely tender and illuminating itself up to the edge, is such a thing known to us? Let us consider the sense of variation. Our skin could be called variety, in a precise topological sense; a thin sheet with folds and plains, dotted with events and singularities and sensitive to proximities…purchase a copy

(Variations was commisioned by MarsdenWooGallery in response to the exhibition Lexicon by Alida Sayer  – Photo above)


One day I noticed that what I was writing concerned him more and more and though in a indirect manner, it seem to have no other purpouse but to reflect him. He had assumed a strange ascendancy over me in all these things. Sometimes I was wondering if he was trying to restrain me at all the costs.

I spoke of him but it gradually became a completely different feeling, a sort of erosion of the future…purchase a copy

Shadow Man is a text written in order to celebrate the work of David Bowie and it has been presented at a night of reading at BrixtonBookJam


During my recent residency in Atina (Italy), I wanted to make a study of the silences of the local library, view on the valley, museum, church and historic buildings. I became inspired by the dimensional and introspective power of these spaces when empty. Late in the evening or in the very early morning, when little noise is produced by everyday life, these spaces still possess their own sounds, be it the tick of a clock, a door opening, or even a distant conversation; each sound within the acoustic space reveal a strong sense of  time and space.
 I wanted to convey an experience of these spaces, by describing what I thought was surrounding my body. I sat whilst with my eyes closed in seven different buildings and spaces, recording my impression of each by speaking into a recording devise the description of the sound which I guessed by listening to what, according to my senses was happening in these spaces. I have transcribed the recording and printed it on paper.

Atina (Italy) August 2013 artists residency

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Artificial Respiration walks through the intricate labyrinth of a past that cannot be changed and the feeling of impotence, caused by it. In this performance I have undertaken 12 sessions with a psychologist, using my two selves, the one who suffered a serious personal trauma of loss and mistaken identity and the other who is trying to resolve a seemingly trivial existential riddle. I have acknowledged logical methods, but the results is more akin to that of a “the random unreason of the world” than the clean and precise methods of science.
An assemble of truths and lies to discover through the rearrangement of order, a semi fictional world of apprehension and estrangement. If life is a dream, who is dreaming that dream, and who is dreaming the dreamer? A performance that might or might not exist.

Performed at VanguardReadings 20-12-2011

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