Visual images and symbols are a constant part of our daily perception. The cognitive act of perceiving, decoding and translation occurs continuously when we organize our thoughts and collect or process information. This process develops through the formation of human relationships, thus allowing to interact with others through language and behavior. Since drawing can mediate between perception and reflection, it plays an essential role in the production and communication of knowledge.

“From my point of view, the birth of ideas is often directly connected with graphic thinking: I always start to draw instinctively, ordering assembly lines, vector points, trying to understand how knowledge is visually constructed within these representations. From this emerged a complete archive, which is still growing. But how to read them, given their ambivalent nature between image, symbol and design. How do they in turn configure our thought processes? What narrative forms can be found in these figures? And what happens when the data is removed from their original context? What action potential is then freed? Thinking. “