Out in November 2018

Felt  is a new collection of writings including essays, experimental texts and short stories, this issue will be out in November 2018 and will feature works by artists and writers who have been invited to respond creatively to the colour Grey.

‘ If black is the strength of conviction without doubt, of determination, of conceptual truth at all costs, and if white is the fragility of indecision, of partial certainty, of shyness … then, grey is the one and the other together, without being paralyzed by the negative absolutes of black and white, grey dilutes them in serenity and in the modesty of an inoffensive color.

Grey is the critical thinking, and the mediation between the absolutes, it is a set of complex nuances that move between black and white in search of consensus, of broad understanding dialogue. The shades of grey are those of the considered and shared choices, they are those of the interpretations that mediate between the irreconcilable opposites, they are those of the decisions that are still revocable and perfectible, of the efforts accompanied by constancy.

Grey gives one time to think, to meet, to confront oneself, to avoid conflicts and extremisms. Grey is the color of diplomacy, of discretion, of simplicity. Thinking in grey does not mean to forget the white and the black, or not to know how to evaluate the quality of white and black: grey presupposes them and knows well to tend to them, but without being submitted by the violence of part, by factiousness, with a dominant and compact idea.

In this sense of theoretical freedom, “Felt’ will explore what is greyness to us today.’

Featuring texts by:

Ansgar Allen, Christopher Clifton,Daniele Pantano, Florence Lenaers,German Sierra, Imogen Reid, Katharina Ludwig, Paul Hawkins,Rachael De Moravia, Richard Webb, Rob Miller, Susanna Crossman and Tristan Foster.

Edited by Christian Patracchini

Published by ZenoPress. You can order a copy here

84 pages, softcover
ISBN 978-0-9955017-0-2