Means Without and End.


“...the topography created in a crumple and torn handkerchief in the depth of a pocket, where metric linear, time and space are collapsed into an unexpected topography of proximities and distances, where entirely different connections are made and events pulled into surprising intimacies and astonishing distances…   Michel Serres

Do we keep a safe distance between ourselves and our reality, ourselves and our experiences? Do we seek to put a frame around feelings so that they are contained and cannot leak beyond the boundaries we allow them? ‘Means Without an End’ is an interactive one to one performance where a single member of the audience and the performer meet in a space and with a card game and the unique physicality of body contact, aims at discovering an infra sensual language that our reciprocal touch creates. The act of touching someone, like in a Tango presupposes a certain demand, a decision, an instance of response-ability.

Means Without an End was performed in various venue and festival in the UK and Europe

2014 Tempting Failures, The Island, Bristol
2013 Dimanche Rouge, La Villette Enchante’ Performance Art Festival, Paris
2013 Darnley gallery, Synesthesia, London
2010 Performance/workshop during ‘Collision’ at Central School of Speech and Drama, London
2009 Performance at Coachwerks Performance Art Festival, Brighton
2009 BIOS, National Performance Art Festival, Athens
2008 Terra Extremitas by Foolishpeople – Nsdm Werf, Amsterdam
2007  Wimbledon College of Art, London