“Here we had no idea where to go,” says Lai-Yu Fai in a voiceover, the image in black and white.  “Then Po-wing bought a lamp.  Ireally like it.  We wanted to find this waterfall and finally we learned it is at Iguazu.  We wanted to go home after it but we lost our way.” Losing one way becomes the metaphor of Happy Together, and with it comes the harsh realization that “starting over” provokes a loss of footing, the impossibility of finally locating the body in a pre-ordinate time andspace.  There will be no “going home” for Lay-Yu Fai and Po-Wing because, already home has become the waterfall of Iguazu that remains unreachable.   What is in reach instead is a multiplicity of sensation that will lead the two men both together and apart, that will change the bond of their friendship and their love, and relocate both Hong-Kong and Argentina within a map constructed by their desiring bodies moving across time and space.