Alejandra Pizarnik at times regards writing as potential asylum for “unspeakable silences” other she sees it as the place where the poet is held hostage by the impersonal forces of language and by un undefined memory that refuses to be silenced. Fuentes (1974) writes “could there be anything more Argentine than this necessity to verbally fill these empty spaces to fill the blank book of Argentina?”. In order to illustrate Fuentes claim and how the standard for Argentine selfhood is set, I have choose Part III of a group of short poems entitled, “Los Pequenos Cantos”.

‘El centro de un poema 
es otro poema 
el centro del centro es la ausencia
 en el centro de la ausencia 
mi sombra es el centro del centro del poema’

‘The center of a poem 
is another poem 
the center of the center is absence 
in the center of absence
 my shadow is the center of the center of the poem’

(my trans.)