Echoes is a play about the perpetrators of violence, their confession to this violence, and the strategies they develop before and after they confess to come to terms with their role as perpetrators. In this performance I plays the role of a mourning father and doctor whose daughter the audience first deduce, has been kidnapped and disappeared under dictatorship.
Alone on stage whilst crushing a square of glass and turning on myself I narrate my grief and pantomimes desperately the last moment of a family scene on a Tuesday afternoon before his daughter is forcibly taken from the family living room. The performance shocking impact comes at the end, when the father undergoes a grotesque identity transformation and reveals to the audience that he is a medical doctor who had forged the death certificates of a couple and had taken their newborn baby and raised her with his wife as their own daughter. Afterward, spectators are left stunned and indignant that they had identified so strongly with a character that revealed himself to be a repressor at the end of the play.

Performed at:

26-11-2013 Flows  London
06 -12-2015 WhereWereWe

(Photos – Jennifer Hodgson)