Christian Patracchini



…Walk as near as required. So near that, at an inclined point, the distinction converts the essential…

I was commisioned by the Literature Centre of Aarhus to response with a performance to the below statement. ” The term ’Art Writing’ covers a genre-hybrid containing a number of heterogenic writing practices, which are in play in the contemporary visual culture. Analytic and poetic text-based art can be understood as modalities of writing – both fictive, critical and theoretical – and at the same time closely in dialogue with the visual aspects: Art Writing relates equally to other forms of artistic and aesthetic practise. The text is experimental and can unfold in combination with for example pictures, form, body, materials, sound, light and space. The written text can both be regarded as medium for art historiography as well as medium for artistic practise.”

Aarhus 06/12/16