Terms of Engagement is a series of short performances that considers specific modes of attention related to the perceptual and cognitive processing of spatial values in visual poetry. They have been commissioned by POEMBRUT a series of events which  conceptually, aims to illuminate an alternative history of modern poetry while exploring how innovative methods of poetry are often utterly purposeful – emerging from alternate experiences of language and consciousness in the world.

Terms of Engagement #3

(Photo above) In this performance I have walk around the stage for 7 minutes caressing and touching a wooden head.

(Photo above) Performed at RichMix on 17th March 2018




Terms of Engagement #1

In this performance I have traced a transparent line along the wall with my tongue.

(Photo above) Performed at RichMix on 25th November 2017



Terms of Engagemets #2

In this performance I presented an hourglass painted over with black enamel paint – I placed it in front of an audience and stared at it for an undetermined amount of time.

(Photo above) Performed at RichMix 13th January 2018