Christian Patracchini

My sound activities are an exploration of aesthetic and spatial aspects of sonic perception through various forms of recording. I work primarily with surrounding sound as raw material, voice, instruments, objects and overlayered sounds using basic technologies to create immersive aural experiences. The concept of potentiality and the interrelation between actuality, possibility and reality are essential in my practice.


Always differing and deferring, the trace is never as it is in the presentation of itself. It erases itself in presenting itself, muffles itself in resonating. How do we conceive what is outside a trace?
The sound piece, which precedes the performance, anticipates the mechanisms by which our memory will retain the performance, representing fading traces and prompting fading memories. This ‘pre-presentation’ resists being read as a transparent record, but furthers the work’s dissemination through a different form.
The memory of the performance/sound will be contained in the final tableau, In this way memory, performance and affects are contingent on one another in their relation to time, both looking forwards and backwards, while being performed in the present.

29th May 2013  Latelier-ksr - Berlin