Christian Patracchini


Seven Kinds of Silences

During my recent residency in Atina (Italy), I wanted to make a study of the silences of the local library, view on the valley, museum, church and historic buildings. I became inspired by the dimensional and introspective power of these spaces when empty. Late in the evening or in the very early morning, when little noise is produced by everyday life, these spaces still possess their own sounds, be it the tick of a clock, a door opening, or even a distant conversation; each sound within the acoustic space reveal a strong sense of  time and space.
 I wanted to convey an experience of these spaces, by describing what I thought was surrounding my body. I sat whilst with my eyes closed in seven different buildings and spaces, recording my impression of each by speaking into a recording devise the description of the sound which I guessed by listening to what, according to my senses was happening in these spaces. I have transcribed the recording and printed it on paper.

Atina (Italy) August 2013 artists residency

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