Christian’s workshops are a sharing and an extension of his practice, which is in continual development.
The aim is to impart a framework and a set of tools. He invites participants to make these tools their own and utilize them in the generation of material in their research and ultimately in the creation of works of performance, creative writing and sound work.
 These processes then evolve by being introduced to constraints in response to the architecture for example, a moment, a film reference, a book, a surface to perform on, or the weight of time.

These processes are innovative but inspired by the work of Michel Serres, John Cage, I Ching, Luigi Pirandello, Alastair McLennan, Christian Marclay, Kenneth Goldsmith and Christian Bok.

Christian Patracchini is open to other ways of collaborating with universities and institutions: residencies, presentations of performances alongside workshops, developing and running new modules in collaboration with course leaders. To get in touch, please contact me at