Christian Patracchini is an artist, writer and curator, working across different art forms, projects alternate between performances, text based work, sound and drawing.

His enquiry explores a code of gestures which investigate their potential and modes of existence in relation to their own privation. Within practice and research, he often addresses the essential importance of these integral resonances and movements before a choice or a solution has been reached, leaving it deliberately ‘unresolved’ whilst attempting to catch new thought and action dawning at a creative crossing.
At the centre of many of his projects there is a fascination with how movement can be felt before it actualizes – taking form is a key to a developing vocabulary of movement that foregrounds incipience rather than placement/dis-placement. Provoking exploration into how thought works, where creation begins, what constitute novelty, what movement might do and how thinking through movement can alter the force of thought.

Processes of association, extraction, juxtaposition, distortion and fragmentation are vital approaches in order to create ‘apertures’ which rather than arriving at end-objects, or fulfilling objective ends, they are carried by wavelike tendencies, in a rollover of experiences continually substituting for each other. Possible paradigms are: cognitive experience – temporal dimensions – memory – retroactive movement – potentiality -suspension – Déjà vu.  The work is shaped by an interdisciplinary approach, which involves the flowing between writing on page/screen, to performance in time, between still and moving image, between individual and collective actions.

In recent years he has shown works in exhibitions and festivals in the UK and abroad, including the BIOS Festival in Athens 2009, the PAE Festival in Rotterdam 2010, the Colloquium Festival 2011 at School of Speech and Drama, Dimanche Rouge (Paris) 2012, The Month of Performance Art (Berlin) 2013, Tempting Failure (Bristol) 2014, Writing Sound 2 (Bergen) 2014, Café Oto (London) 2015 , Art Writing festival ‘WhereWereWe’ in Aarhus (Denmark) 2015PoemBrut (RichMix) 2016/17, ILLUMINATIONS Austrian Cultural Institute 2018 , European Poetry Festival 2018 and at the Hungarian Cultural Institute.

He recently edited ZENOPRESS ANTHOLOGY ISSUE II   FELT – AESTHETICS OF GREY  A new collection of writings including essays, experimental texts and short stories, featuring works by artists and writers who have been invited to respond creatively to the notion of Greyness.

In April 2017 he has completed Knots a new writing project presenting a collection of one line poems and aphorisms exploring the notion of the event in the making.
He is the founding editor of ZenoPress a brand new independent publisher.

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